1 February 2013

FO: Sewaholic Renfrew top

me again, and so soon too!

But look, guys - I did it! I worked with a knit and it wasn't that bad after all!

I think I might be one of the last people in blogsville to try the Renfrew pattern. Better late than never, I suppose! So here it is:
(I don't know how to use this camera - on self-timer, it focuses for the background. So you get to see my living room clearly, but my Renfrew is a bit blurry. oops!)
I made a size 8-10. I deliberately went up a size from my usual in Sewaholic sizing because this knit is very stable and quite thick, and I didn't want it to be too fitted. That little fold on the bust seems only to have appeared for the photos - I can't seem to replicate it in front of the mirror, so perhaps it's just because of how I was standing? I made view C (with the cowl collar), which in this fabric makes it pretty cosy. The sleeves are the 3/4 length, but they hit my elbow so I might look to lengthen them next time.

As you can see there's some pooling of fabric in the back. I think next time I might add a central seam, and try to tweak the fit that way. But what do you think?

I think if I make it in a lighter knit, I'll have to rethink the sizing - perhaps go back down to 6-8. But I'd like to try this pattern in a sweater knit - I think I'll likely get more wear out of it that way. It's just not that easy to find a good sweater knit in the UK (but fellow UK sewists, please correct me if I'm wrong!). The fabric I used here is a double jersey (Melizza made a dress from the same fabric).

So sewing with knits wasn't the disaster I made myself believe it was. I'm not sure I'll go crazy with this pattern, but I am now more open to knits in general. Maybe a dress sometime?

The sums
1.5m double jersey: £12
Pattern: £10.50
Total: £22.50

And in other news ...

I'm going to the meet-up in Walthamstow tomorrow. Anyone else going? 

speak soon!


  1. Very nice - I love the colour and it looks cosy. Congrats for tackling knits too.

    What I do with my self-timer photos is - when I have the tripod set up and pointing at the area I will be standing in, I extend my arm out so that my hand is in the area I will be standing. (so I'm kind of stretching between camera button and that area.)The camera can then be set to be focussed on that spot when I half-press the button to get it in focus before fully pressing to set off the timer. Alternatively if you can put a 'thing' in the middle distance where you will be standing you can focus on that instead on your outstretched hand. This should make the camera be focussed in roughly the right place. Hope that makes sense :)

    p,s I'm still getting your captcha btw, I only say because you mentioned that you'd got rid of it!

    1. thanks for the tip about setting up the camera - that makes perfect sense!

      And thanks for letting me know about captcha - I think I've definitely got rid of it now! :) x

  2. Nice top! Lovely colour. I've also recently decided that knits are not too scary. Not sure what you mean by 'sweater knit' - do you mean brushed-back sweatshirt fabric? www.organiccotton.biz have just got some in (under 'fleece' on their site), haven't bought any yet but everything else I've had from them has been really good quality.

  3. I was really late coming to this pattern as well but I found some 'sweater knit' I think this is what you mean, and made view C which I'm addicted to!
    I also made one with this fabric from Ditto the other day but I haven't photographed it yet, will try this weekend
    Is that the kinda stuff you are looking for? Ditto have a few great wooly knits, as I said to the girl who served me last weekend, "I can't knit so I have to cheat!"
    I also bought some thicker navy jersey which I intend to made a Renfrew dress from but haven't got started yet. I've seriously become addicted to this one pattern, its getting a bit OTT

    1. thanks Louise! that's exactly the kind of thing I'm after! I'll investigate Ditto's selection. Your Renfrews are great - love the stripes!

  4. Shivani, We'll look out for some tomorrow. I find that if your looking for something with some oomph I go for Ponte de roma fabric.
    Calico Laine sells some and Ditto occasionally have it. But I've also found it called Romanit jersey on myfabrics.co.uk ( ironically a german company.) I've bought stuff from them before and the shipping is the same as UK.
    I think they have a bit more choice.
    See you tomorrow EEE So Excited! x

  5. Love the colour of your top Shivani! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :)

  6. You're not the last one - I still haven't finished mine! I love yours though; I agree, that's a beautiful color on you. :)

  7. This is such a lovely colour on you! And such a professional finish- I am totes envious!

  8. What a lovely colour,and you've done a great job. As Amanda says, it looks really professional.

    And you're not the last - I don't even own the pattern... yet!

  9. What a great color on you. It looks really good on you. I have yet to make one. I have to remedy that.

    Have fun tomorrow! So jealous I can't join. Boo :)

  10. Wonderful colour!! And congrats on your first Renfrew, looks fab. Look forward to seeing your next Renfrew....and then the next....they're addictive! Have a good day at walthamstow

  11. I looks so cozy. Perfect for this time of the year. Wish I could come to the meet-up. Have fun!

  12. Shakut sells Liberty jersey. And sorry for enabling

  13. This looks so gorgeous on you! Love the color!

  14. You're definitely not the last one. I've got the pattern and it's on my pile to make this year. I'm loving the cowl neck and the colour. Looks F.A.B.

  15. Love it - it looks cosy and warm too. Great colour. I just finished my first renfrew too and am wearing it as I type. I haven't blogged it yet. Have to say I find good knits hard to find here in Uk especially heavier ones. x

  16. Looks great and I have just looked at the links to the ditto fabric - I planning another myself!

  17. Hey! Just started on your blog, it's lovely! I am a utter Wiksten convert and have some makes over on my blog! Also, Megan Nielson REALLY fab, too... so what the hell, will go for a Sewaholic or two now!!

    Great stuff!

    Bundana x


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