24 April 2012

FO: Wiksten Tulip skirt

Here's my most recent make:
Tulip skirt

In case you hadn't noticed, I love Wiksten patterns, and this is no exception. The Tulip skirt was published in the first Stitch magazine in 2008. The pattern used to be available free, but without the instructions, so I downloaded the digital edition (currently $4.99). I've just noticed that the pattern and instructions are now available to buy and download separately as an eProject.

It's a lovely pattern, really well designed and quick to sew up. The waistband and placket are finished by hand. I really enjoyed the hand sewing (it's nice to be able to do some sewing while watching TV) though I need to add beeswax to my shopping list - I did get into a bit of a tangle every now and then.
tulip skirt
inside of waistband and placket
I used a cotton linen blend, which I bought about a year ago from YoZo Craft (who I think are based in Korea). The fabric is difficult to photograph, but has a lovely denim effect and is a lovely weight for spring and summer. I think I used less than 1.5m. I finished it off with some wooden buttons from John Lewis.
tulip skirt
And here's a side view
I was a bit worried that the small pleats at the back might emphasise my bottom, but actually they're very flattering.

I cut my usual size in Wiksten patterns (small, merging to medium at the hips) and it's perfect! I made a couple of modifications:
  • I eliminated the waist ties.
  • I added two buttons to the waistband, instead of using the hook/eye and waist tie closure.
  • I added 3" length to the XL hem line.
If you do decide to make your own, check out the pattern errata on Jenny Gordy's blog - some of the corrections seem to have been made to the Stitch version, but not all.

So now I've made all three of the Wiksten patterns - I very much hope Jenny Gordy releases some more, because I love her style.

The sums

Pattern: £3.26 ($4.99)
Fabric: £15 (incl shipping)
Buttons (7): £3.85
Thread: £0 (from stash)

Grand total: £22.11

I'm really thrilled with this make. I'm in need of a few more basics to see me through MMM'12, so this is a very welcome addition to my me-made wardrobe.

Speak soon!


  1. I so love this skirt. It's on my list of skirts to make this summer!

  2. That's a really lovely skirt, Shivani. Your makes are always so immaculate. Love that fabric!

  3. I love this! Never seen this pattern before, what a great/flattering shape. V tempted to download it now...

  4. This is truly lovely, it fits you like a glove too!

  5. A great skirt, I'm sure it will be a useful wardrobe staple for MMM. It's great that you know how to get the sizing spot on for you too.

  6. Ooh that looks like the skirt-shape my daughter wants! I would very much like to make her one rather than giving in to retail!
    I love your fabric choice and the whole look :)
    Another success!

  7. very cute! I love denim-look skirts

  8. I love the skirt - the shape and your fabric choice. It looks like a wardrobe staple. I am tempted to get the pattern but have just bought the tova pdf so want to do that first.

  9. Your skirt is gorgeous!! :)

  10. I agree with Karen, whatever you make always look perfectly sewn Shivani. This is a particularly gorgeous skirt. Great choice of fabric too & I can see it being super useful

  11. This is such a great skirt . Your fabric is gorgeous and will match so many other things.

  12. wow, thank you all for your super-lovely comments!

  13. I love this skirt! It fits you beautifully and it's such a lovely shape! Great job!

  14. Very, very cute! I'd been holding off buying the old issue to get the instructions so I'm glad to hear it's a pdf project now! And Jenny just announced on her blog that she is shifting her business model from clothing to patterns! YAY!

    1. thanks Amy! yes, I was excited to hear Jenny's announcement - her patterns are amazing, so I can't wait to see what she comes up with :)


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